Green Dream For Your Apartment

So you’ve achieved your dream of a stylish apartment but you want to maximise your minimal outdoor space. What can you do to make your balcony greener and what works best in various size spaces?

Firstly before you go ahead with any balcony makeover, check in your lease what you can and cannot do on your balcony as your landlord may have some restrictions on furniture or plants.

If you have the green light, so to speak for your green space here are some ideas and inspiration to get you thinking about your outdoor space. Use planting of different sizes or try some creative ways of hanging different types of plants to create a green wall. Flowers planted in a box that hangs on the balcony rail work well, which avoids taking up valuable floor space. Or you could try a railing-mounted table to provide a great perch for a glass of wine without cluttering up the balcony with table legs. Check out some more ideas from WooHome website.

Small-Balcony-Garden-ideas –  Garden Image from the Balcony Gardener © CICO Books
Small-Balcony-Garden-ideas-with-rug – source of image Rue Magazine

Now, go an have some fun and create your own green oasis for your apartment. For more information about your lease please log onto the tenant portal found on our website.

Love Thy Neighbour

If you are new to apartment life you might feel unsure about what the do’s and don’ts of apartment etiquette are. However, what many people don’t realise before they move into a new apartment is that neighbours can be just as important and influential to the living experience.

The key to having a good experience with your neighbours is to be a good neighbour yourself. Want to know more about how to get along and befriend the people around you? Check out these six tips. They can help you be sure that you’re not only respected by the people who live nearby, but are also looked after by them, too.

1. Communicate

In any relationship—but particularly the neighbourly kind, communication is important. It may be tempting to leave your neighbour alone and stick to yourself, but if you want to be a good neighbour, it’s important to communicate from the get-go.

Introduce yourself right after you move in; then continue to say “hello” when you run into one another, being consistent will earn their trust. Some other important things to communicate about are times you’ll be away from your home, or any other problems you might have with them.

By communicating with neighbours, you not only show them that you are a nice person who can be trusted, you also create an ally in your living space. Maybe you’ll even make a new friend.

2. Be Social

Another great way to establish communication (and also establish yourself as friendly person) is to be a social person. Organise a BBQ or picnic for everyone that lives in your building or development. You can show your neighbours that not only do you want to know them, but you also want them to know each other, and that you’re interested in fostering a community where you live.

3. Be on the Lookout

One of the best parts about a neighbour is that they can be around your home to help you out when needed, so you should be there for your neighbour, too. Always keep watch and be protective of your neighbours’ homes, as well as your own.

This means that should something bad happen, you’ll be able to stop it or fix it so they won’t have to. Showing that you care about their space as well as yours is an excellent way to endear yourself to neighbours and to ensure you have someone looking out for your place and belongings as well.

4. Be Respectful

Everyone wants to live their own life, but it’s important to be respectful of other peoples’ time and space, particularly when you’re sharing a living area like an apartment complex. That means don’t have loud parties late at night and warn people who will be affected by noise from your home if you are planning to have a loud gathering.

Also, being respectful entails being mindful of shared walls, keeping your outdoor/shared space clean, and not using your space for anything dangerous or unpleasant.

5. Do Favors

It doesn’t have to be an everyday thing, but every once in a while you should do a generous favour for your neighbour. Putting out a little energy to do something nice will show that you’re a generous and considerate person, and it may just end up in favours being done for you.

For more information about how we can help with communication within your development managed by IPM, why not contact the development manager and start a communal social group.

Image Source: Pixaby