Storage solutions for your flat

If you live in a house there are always options to  extend your living space, whether it’s a conservatory, extension, loft  or even cellar conversion.

If you live in a flat how can you extend your living space?

Clever interior design can assist in  getting better use of the space you have, and you can create extra space  by remodelling awkward spaces.

Most flats struggle with storage space,  in mansion blocks and converted properties which enjoy high ceilings  the space can be better used with floor to ceiling cupboards. You can  use the higher sections of the space for things used less often and the  lower cupboards for items you use regularly.

Cleaning up your internal space by  putting clutter in strategically placed cupboards will make your  apartment feel much bigger automatically.

In older converted blocks of flats and  apartments the layout often wastes space. Unnecessary corridors and  walls, which could make rooms much larger and useable once removed  (always check with the terms of your lease before you make any  alterations.)

When making alterations to an older  property it is always worth spending a little more on good plastering  and reinstating period features such as coving and architrave and always  try to obtain skirting that matches that in the original part of your  property to finish.

Before moving or removing an internal  wall you should consult a structural engineer to see whether they are  load bearing. If the walls are load bearing its prudent to consult a  structural engineer to ensure that adequate Rolled Steel Joists (RSJs)  are used to hold the weight. You do not need planning permission to make  internal alterations to a flat, but you will need to complete a  Building Notice with your local authority to ensure you comply with  Building Regulations. Inspectors will visit you at each stage to ensure  that the work is carried out correctly.

Any alterations to shared walls or  structures will also require a party wall agreement with the owner of  the neighbouring property.

Don’t think you have the space in your small living room for storage? Struggling to make your studio flat work? Make every inch of your home work hard with well-thought out and space-saving storage solutions. Every nook and cranny is crying out for your clutter, so take charge of your belongings and banish them to hidden or well-organised areas.

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Storage solutions for small spaces – 22 brilliant ideas to store more in limited space

Storage solutions for small spaces

If you are renovating your house, think about building storage space into the walls: Cubbyholes in the bathroom wall will create space for all of your toiletries, without using up valuable room around your bath or shower.

Alcoves are the perfect space to build storage units and shelves that will fit seamlessly into your rooms, without taking up lots of space. Design a new kitchen with storage solutions in mind. Sliding cupboards that can hold hundreds of ingredients before slotting back in line with your units are a great storage idea for a contemporary scheme.

If you aren’t completely redecorating your home, invest in multi-purpose storage units that will only take up a single area in one room, but will store everything you need for the whole house. Here are some of our other storage solutions for small spaces.