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The team at Inspired Property Management would like to wish all our tenants and clients a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We look forward to seeing you all in 2019.

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The Rise of the Millennial Renter in 2017

Millennials are anticipated to overtake Baby Boomers as soon this year, as the largest generational segment. In addition to the size of Gen Y, their potential buying power has grown to upwards of £100 billion annually.

Whether it’s the close proximity to public transportation or a pet-friendly atmosphere, there are a few ways to make your property more appealing to Millennials:

What is a Millennial?

Birth Year: Early 1980’s to early 2000’s age bracket (approx. 18 – 35 years old)

Why Millennials?

They are the next generation of buyers who are still trying to get on the property ladder.

Millennials are making up a quarter of the UK population and they are predicted to hit the 17 million mark by 2019. In the Guardian article written last year, it states that there are around 16.2 million Millennials in the UK.

It’s all on-line

digital renters

This is the digital generation and everything is done on-line, which is why our Tenant Portal is an easy way for all our tenants to manage and pay their service charges easily and efficiently.

Being transparent

It’s important to show every breakdown of the service charge and what the costs are investing into. This generation want to be more involved and want to see the demonstrated value.

Pet friendly

It’s all about man’s best friend, Millennial’s are pet lovers so it’s important the leases are adapted to reflect this. Why not have a pet friendly apartment block within your development with a dog walking area?

Green living

At least 7 out of 10 Millennials recycle paper, glass or cardboard

In the moment

They want to be near to restaurants, supermarkets, gyms and nightlife as they want everything now.


2017 is going to see a rise in renters so make sure your development is the one they choose. For more information about our property management services, please contact a member of our team.

What does the Autumn statement mean for Tenants and Landlords?

Autumn Statement 2016: What does this mean?

Chancellor Philip Hammond has given his first Autumn Statement aimed to help families who are ‘just about managing’. (JAM’s)

In his first major economic speech since the UK voted to leave the EU, the Chancellor reiterated that “Britain is open for business” and pledged to “build an economy that works for everyone”.

His statement including major announcement on housing, benefits and tax, but failed to deliver any cuts on stamp duty.

Tenants will no longer be required to pay upfront fees that average £337, in a change aimed at helping the 4.3 million households that are living in private rental housing.

“Landlords appoint letting agents and landlords should meet their fees,” Hammond said.

The change should be introduced “as soon as possible”.

Mr Hammond has also announced the Government is investing £1.4bn in an effort to deliver 40,000 of new affordable homes.

Hannah Maundrell from comparison site,, said: “There’s little doubt tackling this ridiculous ‘tax’ on renters will make it easier and more affordable for people to move without having to borrow cash to cover the cost. The fact some people have to resort to payday loans for moving fees simply can’t continue.

“Scrapping letting agents fees is a smart move but the government need to make sure they think about damage limitation. Landlords could simply hike rents if they’re made to pay the difference.”

The government heralded a step change in its ambitions for addressing the housing supply shortage, pledging £1.4bn to build 40,000 additional affordable homes, an extra £2.3bn housing infrastructure, and a relaxation of financing restrictions on government grants. (to permit the financing of affordable rented housing).

There was little succour for Buy-to-Let landlords, as a ban on letting fees to tenants will doubtless see these costs passed on to landlords. This may be counterproductive in the longer term as it could translate into higher rents and may also lead to an increasing number of Buy-to-Let landlords exiting the market. The extension of the Right to Buy programme will also reduce rental stock. These measures may therefore cause further upward pressure on rents, which in London are already expected to grow faster than property prices over the next 5 years.

The rental sector is expected to provide an increasing percentage of housing supply over the next decade, as much of ‘generation rent’ are unable to afford to buy a property, especially in London. The moves today to boost the supply of affordable rented homes, coupled with previous initiatives regarding the emergent Build to Rent sector, signal that the government is committed to supporting the rental market, and increasingly regards it as playing key part in addressing the housing shortage.

David Poppleton, Director at Inspired Property Management welcomes these moves to improve the rental sector, stating that ‘Renting must become an acceptable alternative tenure and IPM will work positively to implement these changes without compromise’ .

Image courtesy of website for more information on the Autumn Statement please click here

IPM’s New London Office

Inspired Property Management have moved to new premises in London located to the north of the Imperial War Museum, close to Lambeth North Underground Station.

The Chandlery consists of three buildings with an urban courtyard feel to the design set within the historic site of Melina Place, a prime site in the district of Southwark. The new office for IPM creates further opportunities for growth and expansion in line with the recent successful contracts wins in and around the London area.
David Poppleton, Director advises, “Year on year we have gone from strength to strength with various contract wins due to our adaptability by listening to our customers and making sure the developments we manage provide a lifestyle and a home.”
For more information about the services offered by IPM, why not browse the website further or contact a member of the team to discuss your development requirements.
Image Source: Rightmove

Flood Resilience Grant


Inspired Property Management want to bring to your attention and raise awareness of the flood relief payment and the flood grant which are available and the cut off dates for application.

The Government has made grants available towards the installation of flood resilient and resistance measures in properties.  In England and Wales, grants of up to £5,000 are available through an application process via the local authority.

In actual fact there are two schemes:



consideration for eligibility under the latter being dependent upon registration under the former.

With a flood relief payment of £500

·         This payment is available to the occupier of the property at the time of the flood.  (i.e. the owner-occupier or the tenant).

·         The funds are paid via the council tax system.

·         Deadline for registering for the relief payment application is  31 March 2016.

Flood resilience grant of £5,000

·         This funding is as detailed above for flood resilience measures to improve the property’s resilience to future flooding, over and above the repairs covered by the insurance policy.

·         In order to be eligible to apply for the grant, an application must have already made for the flood relief payment.

·         In the case of rented properties,  the applications would be made by different parties (tenant for the flood relief payment and landlord the flood resilience grant).  The council advises any  property owner wishing to register for the flood resilience grant should notify the council that the property has been affected by flooding per the requirements and deadline of the flood relief payment  as it is possible that the tenant may not have made the application.

·         Deadline for the grant application: extended to 30 June 2016.

·         It is important to note that consideration for payment under the flood resilience grant is dependent upon prior notification that the property has been flooded.

If interested property owners have not already contacted the Council to notify them that their apartment was affected,  then the council need to be contacted either by  telephone 01274 437866 or email

Further information is available from Bradford City Council.


The council has confirmed that 100% relief was applied to council tax bills on flood affected properties from 01 January 2016 to 31 March  2016.

Further extensions to this relief are available, dependent upon the circumstances.  The council suggests enquiries will be dealt with  dealt with on a case by case basis.

Image Source: Pixabay

Inspired success at former hospital site

Inspired Property Management has recently been awarded the property management contract for a large-scale site based in Wakefield.

IPM successfully tendered for the contract and will officially take over the management of the large scale mixed residential site on 7th December.

parklands wakefieldThe site remains a prestigious site in the area and was formally part of the old Pinderfields hospital. The site has 205 luxury apartments and 75 houses, which will now be managed and maintained by the professional team at IPM.

Danielle Doyle, Director from Inspired Property Management advises, “The success of our latest contract win is largely due to our reputation and high level of service we provide to all parties involved.”

We pride ourselves on effective communication with our residents and work in partnership to achieve the goals and objectives of the owners and leaseholders.”

IPM has gone from strength to strength this year with various new contract wins and look forward to continuing their success in 2016.

Image Source: Rightmove

Inspired Property Management have expanded

Inspired Property Management are pleased to announce we have acquired new premises which are next door to our current Head Office, located in Doncaster, allowing the business to continue with the rapid growth and expansion plans for 2015 after various successful contract awards. 

The neighbouring building will provide additional space for our growing team and expanding portfolio of clients. This is further proof of the continued success of our business and growth since it’s launch in 2009.

David Poppleton, Director, advises; “We have successfully completed the purchase of the office next door and will be starting building work to integrate the two offices, creating a larger office space and boardroom for our growing team and clients.”

“We have had a very successful year with contract wins, due to the hard work and consistently good service from our dedicated team.”

For more information about our Property Managing Services throughout West and South Yorkshire please browse our website for further information.