spring clean your apartment

Whether you live in a managed flat or a private apartment you should still consider what you can do to personally maintain your property.

With the days finally getting longer and lighter and winter releasing its icy grip. This can only mean one thing…Spring is nearly here! While many of us will take the opportunity to get our flats and apartments in order inside, we tend to neglect the important stuff outside.

This is especially important for landlords or owners of apartments and flats who have an obligation to tenants and other residents for maintenance. Your roof is vital all year round and it’s taken a battering from the storms, ice and snow that winter has brought – so it might need some attention.

Declutter your gutter

Excessive wind and rain will have taken their toll on your guttering and downpipes this winter. Clogged up guttering can cause blockages, which can lead to poor drainage, overflowing water and even problems with, damp inside flats and apartments in the building? Ask you managing agent to remove the leaves, moss and other debris that have found there way into your drainage system.

Roof protection

Moss and dirt won’t cause huge problems, right? Wrong! Moss, mould and dirt will eat away at your roof defences and weaken them. Moss also contains a lot of moisture, which can lead to damp problems in your apartment too.  Check with your managing agent if they have a schedule of maintenance for the roof and never attempt any repairs.

Chimney and vent hot spots

The immediate area around chimneys and vents is prone to damage. Bad weather can have adverse effects on the seals around the chimney and other fixings like roof lights and windows. Check for signs of damage in your attic or in the top floor flat of the building if any light or drafts are coming through cracks there could be a problem that needs attention. Shop around for an appropriate sealant or retile damaged areas if the crack or gap is significant within your apartment.

Potential tree damage

The bad weather will have damaged the grounds and natural surroundings of your building. Although trees collapsing onto your property are unlikely and will be looked at by your managing agent, long branches scrapping across your roof or the windows of your apartment can be a nuisance and will cause problems too. Overhanging trees can also blow leaves and dirt onto your roof too and clog up your guttering.

Landlord of flats or apartments has an obligation to maintain the communal grounds too.

Always inspect your apartment/flat and if in doubt ask your managing agent what is in the agreed maintenance plan to make sure you are covered for your Spring clean. Never attempt to clean any communal/ roof areas, as professionals should do this.

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