Green Dream For Your Apartment

So you’ve achieved your dream of a stylish apartment but you want to maximise your minimal outdoor space. What can you do to make your balcony greener and what works best in various size spaces?

Firstly before you go ahead with any balcony makeover, check in your lease what you can and cannot do on your balcony as your landlord may have some restrictions on furniture or plants.

If you have the green light, so to speak for your green space here are some ideas and inspiration to get you thinking about your outdoor space. Use planting of different sizes or try some creative ways of hanging different types of plants to create a green wall. Flowers planted in a box that hangs on the balcony rail work well, which avoids taking up valuable floor space. Or you could try a railing-mounted table to provide a great perch for a glass of wine without cluttering up the balcony with table legs. Check out some more ideas from WooHome website.

Small-Balcony-Garden-ideas –  Garden Image from the Balcony Gardener © CICO Books
Small-Balcony-Garden-ideas-with-rug – source of image Rue Magazine

Now, go an have some fun and create your own green oasis for your apartment. For more information about your lease please log onto the tenant portal found on our website.