IPM acquire Spring House Properties

We are excited to announce IPM are acquiring another block managing agent called Spring House Properties, who are currently based in Leeds, under the terms of a Partnership and Spring House will come under the Inspired Property Management (IPM) name.

The acquisition will provide IPM with another 8 buildings to manage and two of their staff members will be joining the team. IPM will retain Spring House Properties offices in Leeds which provides an even stronger presence in the area.

The acquired developments are located in North and West Yorkshire with one being located at The Dock where IPM already manage Franklin House. Other locations include Leeds Waterside, Wetherby and Knaresborough.

Danielle Parker, co-founder and Director advises; “This is an exciting time for the business as we continue to strengthen our presence across West and North Yorkshire, growing our property portfolio in line with our expansion and growth plans for the future of the business.”

“The real story here isn’t about the number of acquisitions, but rather the quality and experience of the people joining us, our mission to band together and build together innovative product and service offerings at scale.”

IPM’s growth over the past 13 years has stemmed from years of referrals of their client base and those of other professionals. The growth and development of skilled staff has evolved in a similar way. IPM have attracted high-quality, committed professionals and invested in their training, development and growth. As a result of those efforts, they have experienced steady growth over the past several years.

“The timing was right to acquire another block management firm, allowing us to provide a wider array of services supported by experienced property professionals,” said Danielle Parker, co-founder and Director of IPM. “Finding and retaining excellent people is a constant challenge. Spring House Properties shares the same values as IPM and continue the tradition to provide excellent service, deep expertise, and an environment clients want to be a part of.”

This takes the total number of development in the Leeds area to 76 buildings, with two prestigious sites being at The Dock.

The total units managed by IPM stands at 14,200 across our Northern portfolio and London office. Equating to 500 buildings in total. This increases the team size to 67 not including site staff, based at the head office in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

“Getting the best people is our goal. We aim to have the most talented and experienced property managers in the industry join us while we tech-enable their operations for efficiency and growth,” said David Poppleton, IPM’s co-founder and Director.

“Collectively, and aided by our technology investments, we’re focused on eliminating the friction and complexities of owning an apartment for not just our clients and leaseholders, but for the property managers as well.”