The right PropTech solution supports letting agents, landlords and tenants

How can technology help the payment process for letting agents?  How can technology sit alongside different jurisdictional compliance requirements around the world?  What are the opportunities to work with client money protection insurers?   How can payment systems fit in with other technology solutions as part of an agent’s technology stack?  What should agents moving into the letting space look for when adopting technology solutions?

PropTech supplier Inventorybase has drawn up a league table of what it calls the private rental sector’s most complained about issues.

After analysing visits to its website section for landlords, it says tenancies and contracts are the biggest issue with 21.49 per cent of all interactions on the forum relating to this category.

Then came maintenance on 16.9 per cent; rent on 15.4 per cent; tenants in situ on 11.1 per cent; and bills on 9.7 per cent.

The issue with the least amount of views was eviction and repossession with only 0.55 per cent of of all interactions relating to this topic.

Keep up to date with everything

Understanding the latest changes to housing laws and making amendments as and when they are necessary will help resolve disputes and make you a better landlord and tenant.

Put disputes in writing and keep an inventory

Always keep an up to date and formal document with any issues you have regarding the property you’re letting. Keep an inventory and a diary and be as specific and as accurate as you possibly can – describing dates and any occurrences which pertain to the dispute. This helps keep both landlord and tenant up to date with factual evidence.

Hire a mediator

Using the help of a neutral third party can help both tenant and landlord feel they are being heard without bias. The mediator will also be best placed to advise whether or not further action is necessary in order to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

Focus on the positives and try to compromise

It’s easy to think solely about what you want out of a situation. However a positive solution is often a long term one and the repercussions of your dispute may be felt further down the line. Be willing to compromise and make sure you both communicate effectively.